Going For (Rose) Gold

This time last year, Michael Kors topped the fashion charts with Hollywood's must-have accessory of the season: The Rose Gold Watch. His not-quite-gold standard (and an endless array of knock-offs) could be found on the wrist of every  fashionista from coast to coast.  

{Pictured Above: Michael Kors Women's Rose-Gold Tone Watch, 43mm. Photo Courtesy of Bloomingdales.}

Determined not to be a one hit wonder, the blushing hue has come back this Spring in full force, playing up handbags, heels and EVERYTHING in between (see January Jones, below).  The shade is subtle, chic and just unique enough to add an element of intrigue to any ensemble.

Going For (Rose) Gold

Going For (Rose) Gold by quinnmelia featuring a rose gold bangle

{Pictured Above: Mad Men star January Jones sporting rose gold highlights. Photo courtesy of US Magazine.}