How to Look Like “The Girl Next Door”: 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Ultimate, All “Natural” Sex Appeal

We can’t help but love (and hate) the girl next door.  She’s perfect.  She has that whole naturally gorgeous thing going for her – bright eyes, glowing skin - an effortless beauty that is oh, SO sexy…. Okay. Reality check. Nine out of ten of those “naturally” gorgeous women are faking it.  The fact is it usually takes a lot of effort to look as if you are making no effort at all.  Lucky for you, we’ve developed an easy 5-step plan for achieving this sexy look in record time.

{Pictured Above: Kate Upton, Photo Courtesy of Google Images}

STEP 1 – Exfoliate
The KEY to a flawless face is flawless skin and the key to flawless skin is exfoliation.  While there are many great exfoliating cleansers on the market, nothing can beat the smoothing effects of an electronic facial brush.  Yes, the newer, less expensive versions work just as well as the original.  First, splash skin with warm water, then spread a nickel-sized amount of facial cleanser from hairline to collarbone with your fingertips. After setting the speed of the facial brush to a gentle scrub move it slowly across your face and neck (focusing on problem areas like the corners of the nose and mouth) for about 2 minutes (note: if the bristles feel abrasive, lower the speed). Finally, rinse with cool water and wipe face with a wet washcloth to ensure a smooth clean finish.  

STEP 2 – Protect & Moisturize
Once your skin is clean and dry it is imperative to apply an ample amount of sunscreen and moisturizer (even if your skin is oily!).  There are many lotions on the market that include an SPF, but most do not provide enough protection form UVA and UVB rays (SPF 30 or more is recommended for basic, everyday sun exposure).  As such, separate products are often your best bet.  Apply a non-greasy sunscreen first - waiting at least 5 minutes to let everything sink in - then apply your moisturizer. 

STEP 3 – Conceal
If you know how to use your concealer, you will never need to wear a full face of foundation ever again.  The secret is to begin covering imperfections BEFORE your lotion has completely set in – while skin is still moist.  Make sure that the product you are using is full-coverage and as close to your natural skin color as possible.  For best results, use your ring finger to dab small amounts of concealer onto problem areas, pressing into the skin with a quick tapping motion.  Continue to layer and blend until the desired coverage has been achieved.

STEP 4 – Accentuate The Positive
Using a bronzing powder that is no more than shade and a half darker than your natural skin tone, lightly dust bronzer across your hairline, jaw line and just below your cheek bones - as well as over any areas that you covered with concealer.  If your cheeks are naturally rosy, skip the blush.  If not, look for a hue that mimics your own when flesh when flushed and apply only to the apples of your cheeks.  Finally, using your fingers again, dab a highlighting cream onto the inner corners of your eyelids, beneath the arch of your eyebrows, along your cheekbones and just above the bow of your upper lip – making sure to blend well.

STEP 5 – The Finishing Touch
By now you have successfully managed to create the perfect “no make-up” palate, but even the most minimalistic of women are known to swipe on a some mascara and pucker up to bit of lip balm before leaving the house. To complete your girl next door look, cover your eyelids in a neutral shimmering shadow.  Coat your lashes (top only) with a dual purpose mascara and perfect your pout with a tinted balm

The Girl Next Door

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