Someone Like Who?

While driving home tonight, I heard this song on the radio for the EIGHTY-SEVENTH time.......TODAY.  Having grown tired of forever changing the station, I waived my invisible white flag and let it play.  As I listened, I sang and as I sang, I remembered why I'd refused to listen all the other times before. Being that I am not normally one to splash careless emotional paint across a wall for the world to see, I decided it best not to vent.  However, when I turned on my TV just now and was forced to sit staring blankly at this soulful British songstress, I couldn't help but scream WHY???  IT'S OVER! It's time to quit begging him to remember you and start forgetting him!  Honestly Adele, "Someone like you"???  Finding someone like him is NOT the answer.  In fact, I'd opt for someone as unlike him as humanly possible.  He chose someone else. He's obviously an idiot.  Do you really want to be with another idiot?