Dying For Downton

Now well into its second season here in the states, this British period drama (airing Sunday’s at 9pm on the public broadcast station PBS as part of its “Masterpiece Classics” segment) can be described in a single word: addictive.  Having watched the first seven episodes on Netflix in only two sittings, I was immediately captivated by the scene stealing beauty of the English countryside, the intricate detailing of costumes, and obvious juxtaposition of master and servant. However, what keeps me coming back for more is the unspoken animosity between those I may have initially assumed friends - sisters, servants and relatives alike all seem to hold quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) grudges against each other which they tend to with the most calculated approach. There is, of course, a good bit of romance involved as well.

{Pictured above: Jessica Brown-Findlay, Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery, who play the Crawley sisters. Photo courtesy of Jonty Davies for Glamour UK, October 2011.}

Led by a fabulous cast of younger, lesser knowns (Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, and Jessica Brown Findlay), plus some more notable acting vets (Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith and Elizabeth McGovern) and also the recipient of multiple Emmys and numerous accolades, Downton Abbey is a definite “must see”.